Corey Fox

AVP, Business Development

Ticor Title is proud to welcome Corey Fox to our residential sales team! Corey joins Ticor as an Assistant Vice President, Sales Executive, specializing in residential title services for the Orange County branch.
In 2019, Corey entered the title insurance industry alongside his mother, joining a team full of experience and knowledge. The experience and knowledge he’s gained has become an invaluable resource for his clients. Building trust and loyal friendships is of the utmost importance to Corey and he is fueled by a passion to succeed with his clients. Real estate professionals can count on Corey to provide the best service, professionalism, and technology that can directly impact the success of their business.
Corey has lived in North Orange County for over 36 years and now calls Anaheim Hills his home together with his wife, Meghan, their two boys, Keaton and Crosby, and their beautiful boxer, Layla.

Here is what Corey’s clients have to say about him...

“My interaction with Corey has been nothing short of a great experience. His willingness to help and make himself available has been a great benefit to me and my team. His upbeat attitude and ability to read the room is a plus and I plan on using his services with some of my future listings. Aside from that, he is a great guy who is passionate about life and his family. He will excel wherever he decides to do in the future.”