Jeff Hinschberger

VP, Business Development

2018 YOY Growth Sales Award Winner

In 1998 Jeff entered the title insurance industry and quickly joined a high-volume national desk. Two years later he advanced into both escrow and payoff departments, solidifying a foundation for real estate transaction knowledge and the challenges often presented.

Now, after nine years specializing in residential sales he continues to deliver quickly and accurately. Providing solutions and resources, Jeff values the goals of clients individually, and believes in the art of taking action. He genuinely appreciates having worked for some of the most in-demand teams in the business, and meeting new people while building loyal friendships is paramount.

Fueled by succeeding in tandem with his clients, Jeff has a drive for helping agents experience the joy of a closed transaction. Real estate professionals know they can count on Jeff to supply an advantage every time.

Jeff resides in Laguna Niguel with his wife, Renee.

Areas of Expertise:

Escrow and Closing


Residential Resale