Marisa Behnke

VP, Business Development

With over 30 years of experience in the title and escrow industry, Marisa Behnke has developed the knowledge and skills required to cultivate a thriving business for herself, and to enable her professional partners to do the same. As a veteran, Marisa has a wealth of knowledge and information that sets her apart from competitors. She maintains a sense of excitement for her profession, managing her business with an enthusiastic and hands-on approach. Even during the most challenging of moments, she revels in the joy that results from her contribution to the real estate process.  

Marisa launched her career in escrow in 1990, and what started out as a job evolved rapidly into a profession. “I became consumed by the industry,” she recalls. “It was fascinating, and I loved being a part of the real estate transaction.” Ten years later an opportunity arose to transition into title. Though she acknowledges she hadn’t ever contemplated the move, Marisa couldn’t resist the opportunity to take on new challenges while continuing to build the professional relationships she had worked so hard to develop.  

In 2002 Marisa joined Ticor Title which was, at the time, still building its brand within Orange County. The company’s deep roots- as a member of Fidelity National Financial it boasts over 150 years of experience in the title industry- plus its willingness to adapt to the needs of its customers, appealed to Marisa’s entrepreneurial spirit. “I felt that we’d be able to add significant value to the industry, and that we had the support necessary to weather cyclical markets,” she explains. “This has proven to be true on both counts.”  

What Marisa brings to her work is a sense of purpose, a desire to build long-term relationships and to cultivate effective working partnerships with her clientele. From seasoned veterans to new agents, she enjoys the opportunity to educate real estate professionals on the title process as well as to impart an understanding of the importance of strategic marketing. “I am not just a title representative selling a title policy,” she asserts. “When I partner with a real estate agent, I become an extension of that individual’s team. It’s an opportunity to build a better business.”  

Understanding her role in the process of buying or selling a home, Marisa works tirelessly to ensure that challenges are met with solutions. “Education is key,” she observes. “With years of experience in the business, I collaborate with agents in checking preliminary reports to ensure there are no surprises that can impede a transaction’s closing.” Marisa also assists agents in utilizing Ticor Title’s proprietary software and web-based programs, which are designed to maximize their business results. She works readily with a range of clients beyond real estate agents including escrow officers, builders and lenders. Her ability to adapt to meet the needs of others has benefited Marisa in unexpected ways. “Because I work with so many personalities and individuals from different cultures, I have had to reevaluate my thought process and my approach to business,” she reveals. “As a result, I’m a better listener and a more effective communicator. This has been a great asset to my career, and has allowed me to maximize the experience for my clients.”  

Supporting her efforts are the knowledgeable and seasoned professionals within the Ticor Title organization. “We have a great group of individuals here, all working together to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service we can provide,” states Marisa. “As a team, we offer a wealth of information and experience that our clients have come to trust explicitly.” She adds, “I believe that when an organization cares, customers take notice. At Ticor Title, we are always looking out for our clients’ best interests.”  

A positive attitude, an unwavering faith and the backing of a loving family keep Marisa smiling every day. “I’ve been blessed,” she reflects. “And I appreciate the opportunity to help others find joy and success in their own lives.”  

A member of the Fidelity National Financial family of companies, Ticor Title boasts over a century of success in the title business. Recognized as an industry leader, the company maintains its competitive edge through advancements in automation software designed to streamline efficiency and efficacy of the title process.  

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